Martha Reid Stained Glass

The Martha Reid Stained Glass Window was dedicated on January 14, 1900 in Fernandina, FL by the Martha Reid Chapter.

Florida's First Chapter

  • Organized as Confederate Home Society
    May 12, 1892
  • Chartered as Jacksonville Chapter 19
    November 7, 1895
  • Renamed Martha Reid Chapter 19
    January 1897

“Daughters making a Difference in the 21st Century”

Young Martha Reid

Mary Martha (Smith) Reid was born September 29, 1812 in St. Mary's, Georgia. In 1837, she met and married Judge Robert Raymond Reid, who two years later was appointed 4th Territorial Governor of Florida. He died in 1841 after contracting yellow fever. With her only surviving son, Raymond Jenckes Reid sent north to repel the Yankee invaders, she felt compelled to contribute to the South's cause. Mary joined with Dr. Thomas S. Palmer to found the Florida Hospital in Richmond, Virginia. She was the only woman among the group of Floridians who used legislative appropriation to buy the building. Martha was the matron of the Florida Hospital. She died June 24, 1894 in Fernandina, Florida and is buried in St. Peter's Episcopal Church Cemetery. The stain window was placed in the church to honor her heroic deeds.